The workmans club

The Shades Live at The Workmans Club Dublin October 6th 2014

Monday nights are usually very quiet in terms of live gigs, after the weekend and the harsh Irish economy, people intend to save all their hard-earned money for weekend gigs. I took a stroll around Dublin last night to see was there any good gigs on, I discovered The Workman’s Club and it was free in as well.

It reminded me of the early days when Eamon Doran’s done the five band bash, one band goes on and when they finish their crowd leaves with them.

The guy sitting next to me said “This next band are great, have you seen them live before?” I said “What are they called” he said “The Shades.

Well, my timing was perfect, I only recently done a write up on The Shade based on some live recordings the band done and it was my opportunity to see them live in the flesh. To be honest the crowd was not great, maybe fifteen or twenty people huddled around. Some had instruments and some came for the entertainment.

The five piece south Dublin band The Shades, are a full live energetic act, they blasted out pure rhythm and blues and looked like they were enjoying every bit of it too. The added touch of harmonica enhanced the whole blues sound the band created. They all chip in on backing vocals, they way every band should and it was just a superb rock-n-roll experience for the listener.

I’m sure with a few bigger gigs and more suited crowd The Shades will be around for a long time and be very successful too. The big advantage they have is their age and being so young there should be no stopping them in reaching their goals.

The half hour performance was thoroughly enjoyable, thrilling and entertaining. The highlight of the set was the John Lee Hooker song Boom Boom, respect has to given to any band that can pull this sort of music off right. If you like old school rock-n-roll melody music, well you will no be disappointed with The Shades. Get on them blue suede shoes and catch a live gig of the band soon!