“Millions of Ghosts” is the new single from Locals; a Swedish ensemble who specialise in a stirring brand of electronic pop/rock. The Stockholm natives originally came together in 2013, before making their first recording at Decibel Studios in their hometown during the summer of the same year. Since their formation, the band have been the subject of articles on a multitude of sites both at home and across the pond, as well having enjoyed airplay on a number of radio stations.

Their new release, which dropped on February 17th, gets going with a piercing, mellow riff and solemn vocals. An ominous vibe persists during the swift verse, relenting when cheery synths take over and lighten the mood for the chorus. The absorbing rhythm charges along purposefully, maintaining a steady pace through a catchy melody and fetching instrumentation. The result is a pop/rock number endowed with a great deal of accessibility.

“Millions of Ghosts” can be sampled on the band’s Soundcloud page, along with companion track “Wait for You”. The latter effort bursts immediately into airy synths and a buoyant beat. The verse tones these back somewhat as a reserved harmony takes over while still maintaining a quick momentum. Things build up both musically and vocally for the chorus, lending an optimistic air to the piece that is further emphasised by the hopeful and resolute declarations made by the lyrics.

The electronic style in which Locals partake results in a transcendent sound that generates a rather otherworldly atmosphere. It makes for an easy listen that’s sure to find favour with a wide audience. For the latest news and updates from the band, head over to their Facebook page or check out their official site.

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