If Paramore and Florence Welch decided to hook up in the studio for a day, I have a weird feeling something along the lines of ‘My Name’ would emerge.

A trembling steel quiver of intricate measures lays the foundations to an imminent, glorious cacophony. Look to the Lady radiate assertiveness, reflected within the layered sound of their new single ‘My Name’. The Wicklow alt – rockers possess a wonderful ability to cohesively intertwine the mental rapture of guitar, bass, and drums without overshadowing the whimsical female vocal.

Some serious 90s vibes encapsulate the verse. You can almost feel this gritty hush ready to implode. Bolger’s earthy tone lures the lyrics with ease, and her range is something to commend. One minute, this ghostly tremor meanders its own course and the next, an all-powerful voice shatters the mystery.

How do you know my name? I don’t know you’ sounds like an awkward conversation opener from a teen chick flick but this refrain is hella catchy! A peculiar intensity is wrapped around this lyric, driving the spine chilling concept of the unknown.

Once the bridge arrives, the song pops a chill pill. Hefty drum battering and punchy guitars ease up and you can begin to imagine this track’s conception. An acoustic guitar and a whispering vocal every now and then. The final crescendo barges in. And a little part of me wishes the closing chorus was dirtier. Unquestionably, the potential is there but these guys can dig deeper. Turning the amplifier up to 11 is easier said than done, but Look to the Lady express a nurtured experience unlike many other up and coming acts.

Along with the release of the new single, a hauntingly fantastic music video entered the YouTube – sphere which captures the supernatural mood of this entire collective.