“Perfect Holiday” is the new EP from London-based art-rock outfit Los and the Deadlines. Formed after their frontman, Arizona native Alex LoSardo was introduced to guitarist Neils Bakx, the quartet was completed by Italian drummer Alberto Voglino and Israeli bassist Rotem Haguel. A truly international affair, the group’s influences are as wide-ranging as their geographic origins.

Their sound is characterised by big riffs, odd time-signature changes and a charismatic vocal delivery. Think Queens of the Stone Age crossed with The Jesus Lizard and you’re on the right track to figuring out what this band is up to musically. Their low-tuned fuzzy guitar and bass sounds are complimented by an exceptional drummer, providing a solid backbone and some well-placed fills.

It is the singer, however, that really sets this band apart from any other. They appear to be fronted by the world’s most rock ‘n’ roll HR manager, spouting job requirements in a bright, overly friendly tone. From his jubilant exclamation of “congratulations, we’re willing to offer you this permanent position with 20 days holiday per fiscal year” on “The Youth’s Opinion” to his “idea to make some money on the side” in “Feel at Ease” it truly is a unique approach. LoSardo really becomes each character he’s portraying, sarcastically channelling the annoying, peppy office manager types I’m certain many of us know and hate. His lyrics are full of clichés, effectively satirising modern society and capitalism.

The sum of the parts of this EP make for quite a bizarre experience that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated. If you like your rock music to be as original as it is technically accomplished I recommend checking this band out. I thoroughly enjoyed this release, though I’m still coming to terms with its strangeness. I feel it’s best summed up in the words of the band themselves: “This is batshit crazy.”

Los and the Deadlines - Perfect Holiday (EP Review)
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