‘Killing Time/ Sudden Death’ is the new double-A side from Northern pop-punk band Lost Avenue. They’ve been together since their school days and their live reputation is on the grow having supported D.O.A. on their recent visit. On July 1, they played the Midnight Hour in Whelan’s too with Kiss My Acid.

‘Killing Time’ packs in the vocal hooks climaxing with the refrain of “I promise you/ I’ll never f*ck up again”. ‘Sudden Death’ is simultaneously more restrained musically and more ferocious rhythmically. Singer Dylan Bradley’s vocal chords barely survive the tune intact.

The production falls between two stools. You want a punk record to either sound really crappy or be polished to an impeccable sheen but, Lost Avenue flounders somewhere between the garage and the posh studio with this effort. Nonetheless, the energy and vitality of the Derry/Londonderry trio carry these songs along. There is an absence of memorable hooks, particularly in the choruses, but it may be the fault of the recording process that they fail to stand out.

The explicit nods to Blink-182 only further emphasise the flaws in the production. The riffs and lead melodies are present but undersold, meaning that the listener has to work to pick them out. You get the impression that Lost Avenue would put on a belter of a show but this is not their best showcase. A good producer could get a killer record from these young pups.