The third single of an album is more often than not an experimentation. It comes after the most commercially appealing song has been used to exhaustion and at the moment the artist’s favourite begins to wear off. The third single is an attempt to keep the momentum going and maybe (hopefully) broaden the audience a little bit.

Luke Keating’s “On The Rise” is exactly that. Albeit being the one that names the Irishman’s upcoming album, his new track comes out after “Superhuman” and “Tonight”, and the fact that it sounds different from the first two working songs is some sort of proof for the theory above.

“On The Rise” is bright, while the two others sound heavier and more serious. It has open chords and hurried verses. In the end it makes the listener feel good (as long as he or she didn’t pay attention to the lyrics, which are as dark as the rest). In sum, it’s a lot sunnier.

But at the same time the impression is that this track will clash with the rest of the album. Firstly due to the noticeable discrepancy in mood; secondly because, well, this is not a particularly enticing song. Put it in the opening credits of an ordinary sitcom from the 90s and it will blend right in.

This is not a gratuitous insult to Luke Keating, though. His quality as a musician in “On The Rise” remains intact: the song flows and all instruments in it can be heard with precision. The only problem is that it is not as entertaining as the rest. For a single, being catchy is one of the most important features.

The good news for the artist is that “On The Rise” the album is almost due out. Although already available in one particular store in Dublin, its official launch party is only on the 5th of August. Then “On The Rise” the song will be able to retreat and not become the ironical milestone in Luke Keating’s career.