Springing out of the leafy Southside of Dublin, Luke Keating is a musician with a hell of a lot of ambition and talent to back it up. Having recently just completed his latest album, the first single off it is the emotional rock anthem ‘Tonight’.

Very much a guitar-based song with a driving rhythm, it starts off in a fairly low-key way. Affected guitar arpeggios introduce the song with a slow beat building through the first verse as the vocals enter –soulful and distinct. The song builds into the first chorus which erupts and builds, reminiscent of alt rock giants REM. The bridge kicks in with some tastefully arranged vocal harmonies and slowly bleeds into the coda verse. The song ends as it starts, with some solemn 90s-esque guitar riffing to close out.

If this is an indication of the rest of the albums content it promises to be a rousing, energetic and melodic spree. Luke hopes to move to Chicago in the coming months to further progress his musical career and I’m sure he’ll make great progress in the good ole US of A. Make sure to check him out on soundcloud, facebook and his website.

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