Luke Wylde and the Japes are a five piece Indie folk group from Wolverhampton. As you can guess, Luke Wylde carries the vocals and lead guitar alongside Toni Ansell’s vocals and delicate Ukulele playing. Mark Golden plays rhythm guitar, Ed Butler plays Bass, and Marty Gallagher maintains the rhythm of this grand aural spectrum on the Drums.

The songs in question are ‘Is This It?’, ‘Lost and Found’, and ‘The Fighter Plane’. ‘Is this It?’ is a merry, meditative, melodic, musical song that features a unique and fresh musical interpretation of life’s struggles. ‘Lost and Found’ deals with the ultimate anguish of losing ones sense of place, and presence. This theme is delicately displayed through the harmonic vocal timbre of Wylde, and Ansell. Similarly, the rhythm guitar, creates a wave-like structure of musical turmoil. The vocal content is evenly weighted and is broken by a drum and guitar solo that conveys excellent musical techniques and concision. ‘The Fighter Plane’ continues with the sea metaphorical feel as it tackles the issues of love and loss, that appropriately casts away ones worries, and allows the listener to be encapsulated by the beautiful, docile, and delectable tones easily generated by ‘Luke Wilde and the Japes’.

The fluctuating music, and lyrical content created by this group resonate strongly with the listener. Their sound is similar to Mumford and Sons, but with a feminine touch. Moreover, with regular BBC airplay and a buzzing soundcloud, this group are certainly worth a listen.

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