Alt-rock act Lyonn originally began as the passion project of California native Tyler Gelrud. Playing with several other bands in the past, the idea for a solo venture came to the musician while he was taking some down time, during which he went travelling and wrote new material. Releasing debut EP, Promenade, alone, he has since teamed up with fellow songwriter Attila Yavuzer to turn his one man act into a duo.

The pair first crossed paths in December of 2014 and, after bonding over mutual musical interests, began their collaboration. The culmination of their efforts is new record, We’ll Light the Sky. Beginning with the airy intro of “Empty Bed”, a piercing riff and frantic percussion pave the way for a warm melody. This leads to a loud, passionate chorus, about which there is a solemn, affecting quality that really resonates.

It’s followed by the transcendent opening of title track, “We’ll Light the Sky”, whose instrumentation holds back to allow its vocals to shine and captivate. Growing as it develops, there’s an ever present moving ambience that keeps things quite psychedelic throughout. “Shining Eyes” succeeds it by kicking off with a heavy riff and throwing some cheery synths into an upbeat verse. Remaining consistently lively, the lighthearted and well meaning spirit of this busy pop/rock anthem goes down well.

“Iceberg” starts off much more reserved than its predecessors. Sombre and calculated piano keys unfold behind a penetrating harmony that establishes a chilling atmosphere. Eventually the instrumentation erupts to immense levels, cutting deep alongside tormented vocals before calming back down to fade out gently.

Lyonn’s inaugural EP as a double act features four accessible and diverse compositions that cover a wide range of emotions and rest easy on the ears. Their harmless and inoffensive sound should play in their favour when it comes to building a fanbase and gaining recognition. Look out for We’ll Light the Sky on iTunes from April 7th.

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