Madonna: Living For Love – An Anthemic Comeback

A lot of people have opinions about Madonna some love her, some despise her but one thing remains and that is her music which is often overshadowed by controversy and misogynistic displeasure for her personal life.

Well like it or not she is back with the best lead single of an album since Hung Up nearly ten years ago. Just before Christmas her entire batch of new songs were leaked to the public and so was the premature announcement of her album Rebel Heart due next month and with it came the legal release of 6 new songs.

The promotion for the lead single Living For Love is under way as the video premiered on Friday and a performance is expected at the Grammys tonight as well as a performance at the Brit awards later in the month.

The lyrics to Living For Love are quite profound as they are empowering in both matters of the mind and most importantly the heart á la Express Yourself, giving the song a meaningful insight with a great dance hook. It’s a great mix of classic and contemporary which is a necessity for an artist of Madonna’s calibre (keeping the old fans happy and hopefully gaining some new ones) and it is the thing the last two lead singles Madonna has released off of her albums 4 Minutes (from Hard Candy) and Give Me All Your Luvin (from MDNA) lacked despite featuring Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj respectively. Living For Love does feature a guest artist in Alicia Keys as a co-writer of the song (she also plays piano on the track).

The best of these new 6 songs released so far is Ghosttown, a fantastic ballad it could be argued it’s her modern Live To Tell and it deserves to be showcased as a single, it has been a while since the world has been treated to a Madonna balled as a single. EDM is a fairly new term to describe dance music and it is a term that critics have used to lambast Madonna for over using on her last few albums, if these 6 new songs are anything to go by they needn’t worry about Rebel Heart as it uses a fairly eclectic new sound for Madonna. These songs have wet fans appetite for the rest of the album and it sounds like they won’t be disappointed.

Living for Love isn’t available on download in the UK or Ireland until the 25th February. Ghosttown along with the rest of the pre-order album is available for download now.