Taking their name from a road in Hong Kong, London based band Magazine Gap originally came together with the intention of showing the world that they can stand out by blending their diverse tastes to create a widely accessible style of their own. One need only listen to the motley material of their back catalogue to see that they’ve certainly succeeded in defying genres.

With acclaim coming in from places as far apart as Europe and Japan, there’s no denying that their unique approach has been working well to date. Having toured throughout Ireland, the UK, Asia and America on top of releasing several records over the last half decade, the trio recently returned with a new track named “What’s That About?”

It begins with a laid-back beat that immediately relaxes as the music strolls serenely towards some pleasant but passionate singing. Enthusiastic yet soothing riffs resound across the mellow melody while placid pianos and percussion maintain a restful rhythm in the background. The addition of some orchestral elements during the cool chorus affords the whole thing a theatrical trait without compromising its tranquil tone.

Things stay enticingly smooth afterwards as the instrumentation drifts dreamily into another sedate but spirited stanza. There’s a reassuring attribute to it all that keeps it captivating all the way through to its calm conclusion. The result is a peaceful pop/rock piece that also harbours hints of jazz and blues. Its gentle demeanour and soft sound make it a song to which it is extremely easy to unwind.

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