Oxford based electronica ensemble Maiians may have only come together last year, but already they’ve managed to build up a solid fanbase. Having headlined and sold out live shows in the not so distant past, the five piece act have a number of high profile gigs still to come, including being featured at the illustrious Reading Festival on April 21st.

The latter event will arrive just one day after they release their latest offering, “Sionara”. Serving as the follow up to the group’s debut EP, Tokyo, the new single trots straight into an infectious beat as synths build expectantly in the background. From here, things get progressively more animated and lively. Vocals echo sporadically across the many musical elements that are continuously added to the mix. Marching along smoothly throughout, it’s a very ambient track that culminates in a characterful finale.

“Sinonara” can be found on the quintet’s Soundcloud page, alongside two other creations, the first of which is called “One of Each”. Beginning at a relaxed pace, this initially warm and ominous tune again grows and expands as it moves forward. Eventually erupting into speedy percussion, the rhythm takes on an urgent disposition, becoming increasingly more active as it approaches its climax.

The final composition on offer, “Lemon”, is more frantic than its predecessors, charging ahead through wailing electronics and tireless drum effects. It races towards the finish line, barely taking a moment to catch its breath during its near seven minute run time.

The influence that Maiians’ affection for house and techno music exerts over their work is very apparent. Being heavy on the synths and generating a fairly transcendent atmosphere, the band’s material – and “Sionara” especially – is well suited to chilling out and unwinding.




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