Malka is a New York based dream-pop ensemble that features musicians Darko Saric and EJ DeCoshe on guitars, synths and vocals, Michael Dawson on drums and Dave Id on bass and vocals. Still in their infancy as a band, they recently recorded their debut EP between the studios APT in their home city and Elohino across the river in New Jersey.

Entitled The Constant State, the compilation commences with “A Flock of Crows” as an airy riff begins to unfold across light electronics. It erupts chaotically for a moment before a distorted and dreamy melody sets in. The instrumentation really penetrates as it progresses, while the vocals remain unusually invasive. It’s an intriguing opening number that somehow doesn’t quite feel of this Earth.

Mellow guitars play out over pounding but pleasant percussion, setting a peaceful atmosphere as “For Now We Live” arrives. It erupts suddenly into a wild instrumental barrage after its first minute, reverberating through the senses. Things eventually subside again when a hushed harmony begins, sounding distant and expressive while it fuses with the musical motifs. This is an extremely progressive six and a half minute behemoth.

“Mientras Se Respira” echoes through the air afterwards, narrating lyrics that combine English and Spanish. It’s a very light and reserved undertaking that has quite a calming effect, despite arriving at a crazy climax. “Wolves and Sheep” features a much more ominous opening next. There’s a dark edge to the pressing instrumentation as it develops determinedly. Trotting along at a purposeful pace, it maintains an urgent atmosphere throughout, breaking into some rebellious riffs ahead of a maniacal finish.

Amiable instrumentation sets a warm and welcoming vibe as the guitars of “Diamond Girl” distort and keep it characterful. Another hushed but enthusiastic melody pops in and out while the music remains keen and hyper. “Corazon Sin angre” takes off quickly out of its wake, building up a fervent momentum. The subtle vocals afford it an exotic quality, while the instrumentation ensures that it stays busy and boisterous. “Swoon” follows by way of a refreshingly upbeat and optimistic introduction that has more of a pop/rock style than its predecessors. The vocals unfold in a similar manner as before, but the guitars, drums and electronics develop a much more accessible trait.

As far as EPs go, Malka have crafted a record that’s quite long and ambitious. As a whole, it might benefit from some more diversity in terms of sound as it runs the risk of feeling repetitive at times. That being said, on a one to one basis, each of its tracks are well executed, featuring an abundance of psychedelic instrumentation and atmospheric vocals. The Constant State is available on Bandcamp now.

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