In case you missed our review of his self-titled EP, when he’s not on stage or making music, Our Man in the Field goes by the name of Alexander Ellis. The London based musician specialises in a captivating style of folk, the inspiration for which he takes from all that life encompasses. This tradition continues into the artist’s latest composition, “My Confidante”, with love serving as the creative basis.

Our Man in the Field has purposely worked to make his touching new track available for Valentine’s Day. The arrangement begins with a hushed acoustic riff that develops over the sound of trickling water. Gentle, clear vocals soon set in, carrying forth a pleasant harmony. The pace of the guitar gradually quickens, making the transition from a solemn tone to a more optimistic one. As it increases in momentum, the instrumentation maintains a sense of reservation and poignancy, stirring emotions.

The melody picks up for the chorus, growing in stature as it narrates the passionate lyrics. The musical elements continue to build as things progress, adding strings to the background that are strikingly moving. All the while the vocals manage to hit some remarkably high notes as they make very earnest declarations about love and commitment.

“My Confidante” is a simple and tender track that’s full of depth. Once again, Our Man in the Field proves he can take matters with which we are all familiar and use them to craft an extremely affective listening experience. You can check the new piece out on Soundcloud now, while the self-titled EP is available for purchase on iTunes.

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