Our Man in the Field is the enigmatic alter ego of London-based musician Alexander Ellis. It’s under this guise that he shares his variety of captivating folk arrangements with the world. When it comes to composing his material, Ellis draws inspiration from all that surrounds him, ranging from monumental matters to everyday occurrences. This is readily apparent on his new EP, which features a collection of compositions that are both thought-provoking and contemplative.

The bracing acoustic riff of “L’Etranger” immediately incites chills that are heightened by its haunting harmony. The vocals echo and linger, creating a celestial ambience as they relay the pensive lyrics. “It Was Ever So” is just as stirring, beginning with light guitar work that adds in a harmonica to convey a sentimental tune. The vocals and melody are forlorn and affecting, bestowing a reflective energy upon the piece.

“Long Forgotten” has a more buoyant rhythm but maintains a solemn undertone. The lyrics play out like a letter, recounting an introspective tale voicing fears and ruminations. “I Remember You” is a warmer assemblage with an embracing riff and gentle vocals. It becomes rather ambivalent as it progresses, seemingly struggling between feelings of hope and torment.

Latest single “Pockets” has a more optimistic sound than its peers. Its riff is fast paced and rousing, combining with a melody that dashes along, giving rise to an infectious beat. The end result is a song whose tone is reassuring and enthusiastic.

Our Man in the Field has crafted a poignant selection of acoustic folk songs whose content is deep and meaningful. The vocal and instrumental execution is passionate and accomplished, producing a sound that rests on the ears. His EP should find favour with a wide audience, regardless of their musical tastes.

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