By Ray Adair

Here at Pure M we are back talking about Mannequin Sex Drive, an electro-acoustic Dublin based quartet. The guys have previously graced the cover of the third issue of our magazine and treated us to a tasty little interview in our following issue – so take a look at those for an exclusive insight to a great up-and-coming Irish act. The band has also been nominated for our “Best Irish Act” and “Best Irish Single” awards for 2015.
Having released two singles in May of last year, the band went on to perform in December’s Guinness Amplify music festival in Dublin.

Mannequin Sex Drive recorded four tracks early this year, and set about releasing one a month since April 2015. Their second track “Broadcast” is set for release on June 8th.

“Broadcast” features ear-pleasing acoustic minor chords and deliciously unique percussion as the basis of the track. Lead vocalist Benz gives a melodic and at times simultaneously raw delivery in this song, while guitarist Andre does well in lifting the overall vibe with a classic and unpolished, well placed guitar solo, occurring roughly mid-way through. Lyrically, “Broadcast” hits home hard with lines like:

Tomorrow’s voices have no say, while you live comfortable today
You said the country’s in decline; you look fine
Motherfuckers sold us out, economically endowed
Money doesn’t disappear; it’s just a clever bank’s idea

The exact subject matter is made even clearer with lines discussing austerity, and the track engages in an uplifting call to arms, in battling our current economic recession. This material pushes the edgy electro-acoustic act into near punk rock realms with its abrupt finish, something not all too surprising amidst the apparent current pop-punk revival.

Overall “Broadcast” is sure to impress, as the second release of Mannequin Sex Drive’s four part single project. Check it out on June 8th, and keep an ear out for the next two following tracks set for release during the coming summer months.

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