Having already graced the cover of issue #3, Mannequin Sex Drive are no strangers to PureM magazine. The release of their brand new single ‘Hear the Silence’ is just the next rung on the ladder to success for the Dublin based four piece, after they claimed first prize in The Northern Lights Competition in December 2014. As if digitally releasing two singles after only one year of the band forming wasn’t impressive enough, the so called electricousticrockinfolkpop band have now gone and added a new track to their growing collection, set for release April 20th.

Far from the sound of their previous work, Hear the Silence is a much more stripped back, acoustic driven track with a tuneful, simple melody. Compared to the rock influenced track I’ve Got a Message, the single shows the band’s diversity as they go down a road of simpler melodies but more complicated lyrics. The lyrics to this particular track are the most thought-provoking out of all of their original material so far, as I found myself automatically replaying the verses in order to listen to them in more depth.

One thing that is clear is that this single is not short of its addictive guitar riffs, a reoccurring theme in all of their songs. However it must be said that the song maintains the slow tempo and unvaried, yet pleasant accompaniment it began with for up to three minutes. If it does in fact achieve in winning your undivided attention then you will be pleasantly surprised at the desperately awaited injection of excitement in the final minute, which really pulls the whole song together. It’s a refreshing single overall which I would be more than happy to have accompany me on my drive home at the end of a long week in order to give me that relaxed ‘Friday Feeling’.

Hear the Silence is a change of direction for Mannequin Sex Drive but considering that they regard themselves as “The world’s first (and only) electricousticrockinfolkpop band”, it seems only fitting that they hold firmly to their word and produce an array of songs that give them a well-rounded catalogue of material. With upcoming gigs on the 11th and 20th of April in SinE and the 25th of April in Abnerbrowns, these guys are well worth seeing live in action. No doubt that the future is bright for Mannequin Sex Drive and with a name like that they will not be forgotten anytime soon.