Winnie the Pooh is a character famous to all, with Disney rebranding the old, treasured book into the beloved cartoon which has generated so many films and TV shows. But a different light is about to be shed on the old story, one that has not before been seen. A film starring Domhnall Gleeson and possibly Margot Robbie, directed by Simon Curtis.

AA Milne wrote Winnie the Pooh in 1926, a story illuminating the adventures of Christopher Robin and his animal friends. This upcoming film will not star a yellow bear and a bouncing tiger however, but will rather focus on the character of Milne himself and his tremulous relationship with his son, Christopher Robin. Milne wrote Pooh for his son, naming the central figure after him, and naming other characters after the toys his son owned; Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet and Pooh himself.


This movie has been dubbed a biopic of AA Milne, a man cherished in the British literary scene. Preparation for this film is still in very early days, though it can be confirmed that Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson will play Milne and negotiations have begun to cast Margot Robbie as his wife Dorothy.

Looking at Simon Curtis’ previous productions, such as My Week with Marilyn, A Short Stay in Switzerland and Woman in Gold, each of these pictures are endearing with a certain British charm. And perhaps Goodbye Christopher Robin will have a similar vibe to it. Gleeson and Robbie appeared in About Time together and the two actors produced a good chemistry together, promising an interesting element to the upcoming movie.


Gleeson is hot property now having appeared in The Revenant and Star Wars and the thirty three year old is well able to play the lead role after films like Frank and Ex Machina. Robbie has not actually signed anything for Goodbye Christopher Robin, and she has a busy summer approaching as she is set to appear in the new Tarzan film and of course Suicide Squad is on its way too.

Potential for a sweet film is high and if Robbie is cast, the central couple are a talented duo. It could be very intriguing to see this side of the famous story.

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