OH here we go, Mark Wahlberg’s latest movie, The Gambler, is, well, it’s not so good. First things first, look at the cut of him

o-THE-GAMBLER-facebookFrom what I could gather from this mess was that Mark is a gambler but also a lecturer and something about a basket baller, loan sharks, John Goodman in a weird red hat in a sauna, a female student who is meant to be some genius prodigy or some such… I’ll be honest, I did not really pay 100% attention to this as it was drivel, it landed a 47% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Now, what is a tiny redeeming factor for this movie is that if you do watch it, you are going to get some big laughs. 100% unintentional laughs, this has potential to become one of those cult bad/funny films.

First off, I think it’s trying to be a million different things as a film, I think the film believes it is ‘quirky’ and cool but it’s not, it’s just bad and weird.

The soundtrack is all over the shop and is so just not right that when something like reggae just starts playing you can’t not laugh. Next up, Marky Mark. Oh Mark, why? I mean, Transformers was bad, why have you not learned? Mark as a lecturer is hilarious, he’s this over the top passionate, cursing, cool dude lecturer and talks a whole lot of nonsense. In order to further convince you that Mark is an intellectual, deep yet harsh lecturer they gave him a pair of glasses to wear because yeah, why not? And that wouldn’t be worth pointing out if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t always wear the damn glasses.

Also, in the first, funny scene where we meet Mark in glasses lecturer mode, he points out randomly that this one girl is some kind of genius. There is no build up to this, it is totally out of the blue and as she is in meek, smart girl mode she too wears glasses. She later drops them when she almost instantly turns into flirtatious, confident student.

Also, there is something about this student who is a basketball player and well it’s all just very slapdash.

That’s the biggest thing about the film, it’s all over the shop. It doesn’t know what it is, is it a drama? Is it a thriller? Is it thought provoking? Is it quirky? I honestly don’t know what they tried to achieve with this.

But, some of the lines, some of the acting, some of the story lines are so shockingly bad that if you wait till this hits DVD/Digital Download and have a few drinks with some friends, this will provide endless laughs and entertainment.

Also, if you watch Dan Van Kirk and let his impersonation get into your head, Mark will become a whole lot funnier to watch.