For those that don’t know, English alt-rock aces Marmozets originally began churning out the tunes together about ten years ago when Macintyre siblings Becca, Sam and Josh decided to start a band with brothers Jack and Will Bottomley while they were all still school students in the Bradford borough of Bingley.

Since then, the feisty fivesome have succeeded in exciting audiences on stage at a whole host of high-profile festivals and events across the UK, including Reading & Leeds, Download, Glastonbury and Slam Dunk. But it was the release of their astoundingly dexterous debut record three years ago that really cemented their status as a force to be reckoned with within the music industry. Titled The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, the absolutely invigorating thirteen track compilation was arguably one of the most impeccable albums of 2014.

Now, after a little time out of the limelight, the Yorkshire natives are back brandishing a brand new single named “Play”. The brilliantly bracing three and a half minute tune is introduced through an onslaught of exhilarating riffs and percussion before a fantastically forceful refrain arrives to rivet in the first verse. The rhythm remains relentlessly rousing as the vocals vitalise atop the thrilling instrumentation on the way to a wonderfully rollicking chorus at the end of the opening minute.

This is succeeded by another salvo of indescribably electrifying guitars and drums ahead of an even more energising second stanza. The music maintains a stupendously intense ambience as the whole thing stomps steadfastly in the direction of a superbly powerful instrumental breakdown about two thirds of the way through. One last astonishingly enlivening chorus follows from here, ensuring the anthem ends as ardently as it opened.

Marmozets have composed a characteristically canorous and commanding alt-rock belter here that’s just as superlative as, if not better than, the material that made up their masterful first album. Its magnificently vociferous mixture of delightfully melodic vocals and mesmerizingly rambunctious music is guaranteed to go down well with long-time enthusiasts while also bringing in an abundance of new devotees. If the rest of their highly-anticipated second record is even half as amazing as this, then it’s going to be quite a treat indeed.

Be sure to head over to iTunes to download yourself a copy of “Play” now.

Marmozets: Play (single review)
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