A singer-songwriter’s album with early 90’s rock and indie influences, ‘The Right To Forget’ by Martin Mackdee does enough to stand out amongst its many contemporaries.

With a sound reminiscent of early Radiohead and a vocal style akin to that of Jack L, the album kicks off with the fast-paced ‘Tears Before Bedtime’. It’s a very strong opener representative of the album with its honest lyrics and catchy chorus which will have you humming along on your first listen.

Mackdee’s vocals and guitar playing are excellently accompanied by a full band on this album. The bass in particular shines through, accenting the sparse guitar playing on the track ‘Icicle’ and often forming the backbone of songs.

Hell or High Water is the highlight for me, calling to mind the elegance and heartache of Jeff Buckley. Again the chorus is one that sticks in your head and had me unwittingly singing along to the line ‘I’ll see you in hell’!

‘For Whom My Heart Beats Still’ is a suitable conclusion to the album, with some of the more personal lyrics on display. The string section in the latter part of the song ends proceedings in a beautiful and elegant manner and leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

Overall, ‘The Right To Forget’ comes across as the work of an artist with a knack for setting personal experiences and life’s tribulations to well-crafted melodies. Mackdee creates mature songs with great pop sensibilities, often coming across as uplifting despite at times having dark lyrical content. Although singer-songwriters are not difficult to find on these shores, I feel Martin Mackdee adds a new element and hopefully is not one soon to be forgotten.

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