Robert “3D” Del Naja from Massive Attack, is releasing two remixes of Noel Gallager’s track “The Right Stuff”.

He might not strike you as the remix type, but Noel Gallagher is putting out a remix EP.

The former Oasis member says that he’ll release a few songs from his latest album as remixed tracks.

Chatting about the remix EP, Noel said: “I remember being at the Brits in ’95 and D offering to do a Massive Attack remix of [Oasis’] ‘Cast No Shadow’. The idea was never followed through and it’s something I’ve regretted ever since. It’s nice to finally scratch the itch somewhat.”

His latest LP titled Chasing Yesterday, released on March 2nd, is the second LP from the singer and his band High Flying Birds.

It’s the first album that Gallagher produced himself, which the Mancunian described as “a major pain in the arse”.

In an interview with Q, Noel spoke about the upcoming project: “Andy Weatherall [DJ, Producer] has done one already, a guy who used to be in the Psychonauts called Pablo who goes under the name of Toy Drum, he’s done one,” Gallagher said.

“Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve have done something and Massive Attack. There are a few things going on. There might be a remix EP coming out sooner or later. It’s all up in the air at the moment.”

Listen to three of the remixes below.