Masters of the Radio are a four piece synth pop band from Widnes, England. The band have been on the go for a number of years now, but only recently cemented the current line up. In anticipation of their upcoming EP they have released two songs. The first of these is Radio Forever.

Radio forever is a three minute nostalgia trip through the 80s. Its is an up tempo, high energy song laced with a pulsating bass synth, piercing drums sounds, and lead synths that sound like they’re from another dimension. Having all this added to the catchy chorus equals a definite crowd pleaser.

The song is not without its faults though. It serves its purpose a nice 80s inspired pop tune, but doesn’t bring anything extra to the table. The vocals offer a lack luster imitation of a stereotypical 80s vocalist. The vocals feel like new territory for the singer. They have great potential, and because of this I believe this is a band to watch for the future.

The upcoming EP will be released on the 18th of April.