Matthew Morgan is a folk musician who grew up in the state of Ohio in America. With his mother being a vocal coach and piano teacher, and his grandfather being a big band saxophonist, it’s no surprise that Morgan learned to play a wide range of instruments including guitar, piano and organ. In 2011, he released his debut, “Red Silhouettes”, and in 2012 he released “Found”, as part of The Lost Brigade. Now he is releasing “Empathy For Inanimate Objects” on June 15th.

“Songs Like These” opens the EP. It’s a relaxing song driven by acoustic guitar with dreamy, reverb drenched electric guitar in the background. Morgan’s voice has a certain depth to it, making it sit nicely in the mix.

“Hold On I’m Coming” is the next track. It has an old blues feel with fingerpicked acoustic guitar and a thumping kick drum. “SticksNStones” keeps this blues feel but adds in a hint of country twang. It’s great to hear such a variety of sounds.

“First Day” is a sombre number. It begins with Morgan and his guitar, but it soon develops with a variety of instruments joining. There are also some great vocal harmonies provided by Liz Chidester. “Lost At Sea” features more fingerpicked guitars. Morgan again showcasing his mellow voice and great sense of melody.

“When You’re Gone” is the final song. It’s a great way to finish things off. Sonically, it really sums up what Morgan is about, soothing folk music with great melody and instrumentation. This is definitely one to check out to get your folk rock fix.

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