McGregor Vs Mendes UFC 189 Embedded Episode 1

McGregor Vs Mendes UFC 189 Embedded Episode 1

Now that we know Jose Aldo is out of the picture, for the time being, the UFC’s implemented their emergency contingency plan, Chad ‘Money’ Mendes will fight Conor ‘The Notorious’ McGregor, for the interim featherweight belt.

Even before this fight was announced, Mendes has long clamored for the chance to fight the Irishman. 8 months ago, on a phone interview between Conor and Chad on BT Sport, the Dubliner described Mendes a ‘muscle midget head’. McGregor told the diminutive Mendes: “I could rest my balls on your forehead.”

This comment appears to be a huge motivating factor for Mendes, it drives him towards revenge. His only desire is to shut Conor’s mouth and have the featherweight belt wrapped around his waist.

Speaking to Fox Sports, Mendes said: “Since I found out I was the backup, I knew I was fighting Conor. Nothing has changed in my mind except it’s gone public. I’m excited. This is a huge opportunity and something I’ve worked my entire life for. I’m not passing this up.”

The real danger for Mcgregor is fighting a bona fide wrestler. Conor’s never faced anyone like him before and Mendes know it.

Chad added: “We all know Aldo’s a super athlete, very dangerous stand-up, but those are the type of guys that Conor does the best with. We have not seen him with many fighters that have the wrestling, that have the explosiveness to get inside and close the distance on him. The fights that I’ve seen him lose, those guys were able to get him down on the ground.

“That right there I feel is a huge hole. I think my style with my wrestling, my athleticism, my speed, and the ability to knock somebody out, the power in my hands, I feel like that’s a shittier fight for him.”

The two fighters were involved in the UFC 189 media call yesterday and things are certainly heating up. The two men traded brash predictions over the phone, each trying his best to instill doubt into the other.

Mcgregor told Mendes: “You should have stayed home, kid. You shouldn’t have answered that phone. I’m going to butcher you.”

McGregor insisted that Mendes is going to gas in the fight because he’s in the wrong weight class. “I see myself butchering his factual structure. I think Chad is a substitute. The B level. He’s a wrestler with an overhand that gasses,” Conor said.

This is the McGregor show, people are coming to see. We’ll take this fight. We’ll take the B league fighter.”

Mendes replied: “Conor, I’m going to give you a little more respect, buddy. I’m going to finish you within the first three.”

Commenting on Jose Aldo, McGregor said: “It’s the McGregor division now. He bottled it. It’s on my call now (where I fight Aldo).”

While he concluded the media call by saying: “Cash beats credit every day. That’s what I’m here to do … cash them cheques, break them records and fuck anyone who doubts me.”

Watch Embedded Episode 1 below.