Irish instrumental ensemble Megacone originally arose at the end of 2013 when five music students from Dublin decided to join forces to forge an assortment of experimental symphonic rock tunes together. After spending the succeeding year hard at work with producer David Prendergast, the proficient fivesome finally unleashed their debut EP, Fondle Fantasy, at a sold out show in The Mercantile during January of 2015.

Now they’ve returned to enthral enthusiasts again with an intriguing four track follow-up entitled Absolute Magnitude. It opens with the ominous riffs of its eponymous anthem, which engross as they grow gradually in volume and velocity alongside salvos of exciting cymbals. The whole thing stays extremely intense and stirring until it arrives at its mellow midway mark. A brief but bracing breakdown takes over from here before the music regains its momentum and trots off towards a thrillingly trenchant terminus.

“Crocodile Dundalk” darts discreetly out of its wake, absorbing with its brisk backing beat while delightfully upbeat riffs ring out optimistically in the foreground. The atmosphere says sanguine as the guitars glide gleefully forward, uplifting atop pleasant percussion all the way through to an incredibly colourful conclusion.

“Dance of the Sand Wizard” is just as jovial when it’s done, diving straight into a sea of sunny riffs and delirious drumming. The cadence increases continuously for the first two minutes or so, after which things tone down while keeping consistently quirky and compelling. It all amounts to a wonderfully warm and rosy endeavour that feels fantastically festive as it unfolds.

There’s a much more laid-back ambience exuded by “Straight for the Juggler” afterwards as it saunters slowly across a coalescence of calming riffs and peaceful percussion. The rhythm remains restrained yet riveting throughout, resulting in a benign but biting addition that acts as an affable finale.

Megacone have combined characteristics of shoegaze, psychedelic and progressive rock to create quite a contemplative compilation here. Its lack of lyrics allows listeners to lose themselves to the music and assign their own meaning to each anthem. It might not be to everyone’s liking, but if you enjoy a good jam session to which you can unwind after a tough day, then Absolute Magnitude is definitely worth taking the time to investigate.

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