Crossover films are becoming the norm these days, with the Avenger films and Batman v Superman making barrels of money. So it’s little surprise to hear there is a list of them coming out. But here’s one you may not expect. In fact, the ridiculousness of the idea suggests little other than that it’s just a piss take of the Marvel and DC productions. Believe it or not folks; Twenty Two Jump Street is meeting Men in Black.


No script has been confirmed so far, but Jonah Hill has confirmed interest in the project so as time passes, it’s looking more and more likely that this will actually happen. The latest addition of the Jump Street franchise ended seemingly conclusively as Hill and Tatum’s characters were depicted doing a category of missions in a closing montage. But it would be reasonably believable for the characters to pop up in another sequel. All the same however, perhaps the franchise has milked as much of the story as possible.

As for Men in Black, many would agree that after three movies, the alien fighting duo had run its course. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was an entertaining couple, but no one expected them to be partnered up again any time soon. Smith has provided little indication as to whether he is interested or not, and it does seem that Tommy Lee Jones will not be involved, at least not in a central role.


Sure, many fans will pay good money to see Jump Street’s funny pair Schmidt and Jenko deal with aliens, and if the four central characters combined had interactions, it could very well be an enjoyable watch. Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Will Smith and Tommy Lee are a diverse and talented group of people, so add them to a cast of potentially famous actors, as would probably be the case, this movie could be quite a success.

Suggestions are circulating that the title of this movie will be Men in Black 23, in an attempt to combine the two respective titles while maintaining their ‘taking the piss’ attitude. Spiderman is buddies with Iron Man these days and Batman is fighting Superman, so it’s not really that outrageous for these two universes to mash up. These are just rumours at the moment of course, but as they gain momentum, the potential for a film promising a bit of craic is gradually beginning to be a title to look out for.


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