“Meridian Sway” formed in 2014 when five friends decided they wanted to start a band and share their passion for music. On March 5th this year they released their first record. A three track EP titled All for Nothing. As they say themselves in their bio, you can’t really pigeon hole what exact genre of music they play. It’s definitely fresh and undoubtedly original. If I were to describe the EP I would say rock, with a very melodic and almost dreamlike twist.

I fully enjoyed listening to this EP, I’m really glad that I had the chance to hear it. The whole band plays consistently well throughout each song. You can tell that they blend well and work well together just by listening to it. The entire EP has a dreamlike feel to it and a mellow laid back atmosphere. I particularly thought this about the song Nothing. The whole song feels like a dream whilst listening to it. Whether it’s the laid back bass by Kevin Nsingi-Monroe or the relaxed guitar riff, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace. The guitar solo in this song sounds miles away, but in a good way. It’s like the lead guitarist, Derek Coffey, is transporting you to another plane. The tone of the guitar in the solo in Lion’s Den I thought was familiar. It reminded me of Hendrix or Black Sabbath, a very vintage sound.

Another element I enjoyed was the drumming of Darragh Walsh. It was played so solid and strong, but in such a way that none of the other instruments were overpowered. The build up and use of dynamics in the opening track; Lion’s Den were very ear catching. The song starts off at one level and then it builds and builds in volume. At the same time other instruments added every few bars create even more of a build up. The rhythm section without a doubt throughout this EP are outstanding. If I was to find one fault however, I felt that the bass guitar could have been turned up slightly more in the mix. It was difficult to hear at times.

Now to the vocals, the two singers Maurice Price and Shauna Rahaman were excellent. Both their melodies and harmonies during the EP were impossible not to enjoy. They were memorable and sort of haunting in a pleasant sense. The lyrics in Nothing were so meaningful in my opinion. It was easy to relate to and find meaning in them. The second verse in Lion’s Den has a type of call and answer section where the singers intertwine and it adds a lot of emotion and soul to the song. The vocals were unforgettable on this one.

Overall the EP was incredible. It was entertaining and easy to listen to. I would recommend this EP to anyone, no matter what they listen to. I would also give it four out of five stars. It is original and creative. It’s like they have brought a new life to rock. They’ve taken what has been in the past and made it their own.