2017 seems set to be an exciting year for English indie-pop act Miccoli. Consisting of siblings Alex, Adriano and Francesca, the Birmingham based band has already unleashed two critically-acclaimed singles since the start of the spring and now they’re preparing to impress again with the release of a new EP named Half on May 12th.

The extraordinarily arresting four track offering opens with the amiable riff of “Idle Stranger”, which manages to generate a lot of warmth on the way to the affecting refrain of the first verse. The instrumentation increases continuously in volume and velocity moving forward from here, giving rise to a rousing ambience as the vocals vitalise with their vibrancy in the foreground. The whole thing eventually culminates in an inescapably captivating climactic chorus before passing the torch to the subtle singing and soft music of “Undo”. This entrancingly tranquil addition may remain relatively reserved throughout its three and a half minute runtime, but that doesn’t stop it from conjuring up a considerable amount of emotion.

The ensemble’s latest single, “Lights”, is a livelier but no less touching undertaking next, made up of a mixture of spectacularly sobering stanzas and fantastically uplifting choruses that keep it consistently colourful and compelling as it plays out. “Devices” adopts a gentler demeanour when it’s done, exhibiting some enticingly introspective lyrics atop a stirring synthesis of sombre acoustic riffs and poignant piano keys, all of which results in an extremely thoughtful swansong that embeds itself deep in the mind and refuses to withdraw.

Miccoli have composed a remarkably absorbing folk/pop compilation here that really couldn’t rest any easier on the ears. Its effective amalgam of elegant duets and contemplative music is certain to satisfy established fans while simultaneously turning plenty of new heads in the band’s direction. Be sure to investigate Half for yourself when it drops for download.


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