No, don’t expect to see Michael Keaton in a red wig and face paint on at any time soon. Instead, the first images of Michael Keaton as savvy businessman Ray Kroc has emerged (see below). Following the successes of Oscar nominated Birdman and Academy Award winning Spotlight, Keaton’s next role is another true to life biopic.


The Founder follows the birth of an American icon and one of the worlds best known and powerful brands; McDonalds. During the 1950’s Ray Kroc, a successful entrepreneur from Illinois saw something far greater in a small run of the mill restaurant managed and owned by brothers Richard McDonald (Nick Offerman) and Maurice McDonald (John Carroll Lynch). What followed was some of the shrewdest manoeuvring and politicking ever played as Kroc positioned himself to take over the company in 1961 for $2.7 million, along with an annual 1.9% royalty to the McDonalds brothers. The brothers did want 2%, but Kroc famously said that 2% sounds greedy and 1.9% was far more attractive. By the time of his death in 1984, Kroc had amassed a personal fortune of $500 million and the McDonalds brand was worth a cool $8 billion.

With a script by Robert D. Siegel and John Lee Hancock, it is being described as There Will Be Blood meets Saving Mr. Banks. Due for release in the US in August of this year, there is currently no Irish release date yet announced.

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