The bonfires may have barely burnt out after Halloween, but American musician Michael Tracy is already doing his best to spread the Christmas spirit with a brand new track inspired by the festive season. However, instead of singing about subjects such as Santa, snow and exchanging gifts, he’s decided to adopt a more unorthodox approach by paying tribute to the often under-appreciated poinsettia plant.

For those with whom the name doesn’t ring any bells, this vibrant red flower is frequently found adorning decorative displays during the holidays and Tracy thought it would serve as a suitable centrepiece for a truly original yuletide anthem.

The song itself, which is appropriately entitled “Poinsettia Red”, begins by bouncing off upon a brilliantly bright beat before a merry melody moves in to mesmerise in the verse. The ambience remains warm as the whole thing jogs jovially in the direction of an inescapably catchy chorus.

This paves the way to another exhilarating stanza which arrests ahead of a salvo of spirited riffs and percussion that takes over to thrill in the middle. The instrumentation stays sunny and exciting until one last volley of vitalising vocals arrives to provide the proceedings with a passionate conclusion.

Tracy might not have chosen a traditional topic to chant about, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t delivered a delightfully endearing holiday ditty here. Its irresistibly engrossing refrains fuse with its enthrallingly cheery music to forge a fantastically festive pop/rock affair that’s guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas. You can purchase “Poinsettia Red” for yourself when it drops for download on November 25th.


Michael Tracy
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