The last twelve months have been busy for Brighton based musician Mike Davies. Under the alias of Mi’das he has performed in front of over twenty thousand enthusiasts across sixty shows encompassing a number of well-known venues, including The Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park and the O2 Arena. Now he’s getting ready to release his first full length record, All Inside Your Head, in April.

Following on from last year’s Stronger EP, it features eleven tracks starting with the laid-back beat of “Justice”. This soothing song is made up of placid yet impactful instrumentation amid spirited singing. It acts as an intoxicating opener ahead of the cool acoustic introduction of “Sunshine”. A sanguine serenade ensues, uplifting through its tender tone while the music remains restrained in the background. It’s a beautifully bright ballad before “If I Were You” takes over with rousing riffs and playful percussion, all of which stays slick and exciting as it paces purposefully forward.

There’s a wonderfully warm ambience surrounding the mellow music and melody of “Twilight”. The whole thing maintains a moving mood until it passes the torch to the poignant pianos of “Too Little Too Late”. Affecting vocals keep things captivating atop touching instrumentation, resulting in a placid but powerful entry that leaves a lasting impression. “Feels Like Only Yesterday” is enlivening when it’s done, enthralling via vibrant vocals and gripping guitars through to its forceful finish.

“Now We’ll Never Know” is another engrossing addition that bears an emotional undertone. The dreamy delivery of “Grace” arrests afterwards, paving the way to the funky feel of “Get On Up”. “This Year (Make a Change)” adopts a delicate demeanour again next, riveting with its resolute refrain and pressing pianos. “Everybody’s Changing” steps up then to serve as a heartfelt finale.

Mi’das has created a collection of friendly but effective pop pieces here that really resonate. The soulful style of each song is extremely absorbing, allowing for an album that’s both energising and relaxing from commencement to conclusion.

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