The career of soul/pop artist Mi’das (Mike Davies) can be traced back to his days of singing at his school assemblies. This started the Brighton born singer/songwriter on a fateful path that would lead him from music college through street performing all the way up to taking the stage at such illustrious venues as London’s O2 Arena, the Royal Albert Hall and even Kensington Palace.

Davies, now with several hundred live shows under his belt, has been just as productive in the studio as of late. Working under the pseudonym Mi’das, he opted to craft a trilogy of EPs rather than put together one single album. This resulted in his “The Story So Far” series, the last entry of which, Stronger, is due to drop on April 30th.

Fading gradually in with “Wish Road”, reserved vocals slowly begin to develop alongside a light riff towards a warm and moving verse. The affecting instrumentation builds steadily, establishing a stirring atmosphere. It’s complemented perfectly by the sharp, heartfelt harmony, which becomes increasingly more epic as it echoes across the air. Altogether, it serves as an optimistic and emotional opening number.

The solemn piano keys of “Too Little Too Late” arrive afterwards and persist through sobering vocals that resonate as they unfold. Gentle guitars and subtle percussion soon set in behind the absorbing melody, all of which draws you in and keeps you captivated throughout. It’s an expressive piece whose sombre demeanour makes for a hard hitting listen.

“Vienna” changes things up by erupting into an upbeat riff that temporarily tones back as a rousing verse begins. It’s not long before the energetic instrumentation builds back up for a wonderfully riveting chorus. The enthusiastic attitude and positivity of this fast paced and uplifting composition results in a sound that’s quite inspirational.

It’s followed by the hushed acoustic riff and soft piano keys that start “Like You Did Then” ahead of a slow burning, reflective harmony. Featuring a stripped down and relatively simple execution, it’s a very poignant piece that brings the record to a truly touching conclusion.

Mi’das has composed a relaxing and introspective EP that acts as a pleasant and passionate end to his “The Story So Far” trilogy. The deep, contemplative nature of this compilation coupled with its easy listening style should mean that it will appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Stronger is available for pre-order on iTunes now, along with an electronic remix of “Wish Road” and the radio edit of “Vienna”.

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