For those of you that missed our review of his Stronger EP back in April, Mi’das is the pseudonym under which Bristol born singer/songwriter Mike Davies produces his heartfelt brand of soul/pop anthems. This week saw the release of the music video for his forthcoming single, “Too Little Too Late”, taken from the aforementioned compilation.

The song begins with piano keys that are simultaneously solemn and stirring. These build through a soft and expressive harmony during the first verse. The vocals become increasingly resonant and vivid as the piece progresses, arriving at an extremely affecting and catchy chorus. Gentle but enthusiastic percussion joins in afterwards to help raise the tempo and quicken the pace, while the moving melody persists alongside an enthralling rhythm.

The instrumentation escalates in vigour and vitality as it unfolds, adopting a more theatrical flair. It seems impossible not to get wrapped up in the fiery fervour of the vocals and music, which penetrate deep and grab hold of the senses, refusing to let go. It all leads to a wonderfully rousing finale that hits hard.

This is a powerful composition loaded with emotion and spirit that makes for an arresting listen. It’s also obvious from its video that its artist is genuinely invested in his material. The simple black and white montage of Mi’das and his band performing the track allows you to see that he’s just as passionate about his work on stage and in the studio as he is on record.

“Too Little Too Late” is available for download now as part of the Stronger EP on iTunes, where it can also be pre-ordered as a single before its June 22nd release date.

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