Midcity are a four piece alt-rock ensemble from Leicester in the UK who take inspiration from acts such as Nirvana, Death from Above 1979 and The Killers to forge their own singular brand of arresting anthems. The quartet have been staying very active on their local live scene as of late, having recently performed at the Glastonbudget Festival and as support for fellow artists Lacura and Habitats.

The band have plenty more to come in the not too distant future, with further shows already announced for June 12th at Musician, July 3rd at Sumo and September 26th at The Cookie, all of which are located in and around their hometown. Right now though, they’re busy promoting the release of their brand new song, “Needles”.

After only a single tap of a drum, it erupts into a delightfully raw and heavy riff that cuts right through the senses and thrills with its amazing vigour. This is soon superseded by a slightly distorted melody that resounds across a brilliantly bassy opening verse. The percussion proceeds to build enthusiastically before the guitars explode back to raucous levels for an exhilarating chorus, followed by a biting instrumental display.

The piece remains forceful into another set of vivacious vocals. Its disaffected demeanour and rough edge keep things incredibly enthralling throughout an awesome exhibition of guitar skills later on. The riffs pound out furiously alongside shattering cymbals, eventually relenting and toning back down for a final hushed lyrical salvo ahead of fading out and lingering.

“Needles” is a fantastically hard hitting and passionate composition whose accomplished instrumentation and spirited vocal work make it a must listen for any fan of alternative rock and its various subgenres.

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