Halloween Moon is the debut EP from Meath duo Midnight Chimes. The seven tracks are a horror themed collection of rock and electronica.

The opening track, ‘Witches Disco’ sounds like a mash-up of ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Funky Town’. ‘Devil on the Loose’ is bookended with faux-classical strings but the meat of the tune is a fuzzed-up desert rock groove that Josh Homme would approve of. The infectious chorus and growling refrain of the track’s title overcome the novelty theme and help ‘Devil on the Loose to stand out.

‘Boogie with the Boogieman’ is as described; a rock ‘n’ roll boogie number. The band have released videos for four of the songs from Halloween Moon including one for ‘Werewolf Blues’. The combination of performance footage and vintage horror clips is the perfect accompaniment to the spooky tunes.

‘Dancehalls of the Dead’s monochrome cartoons and creepy stop-motion complement a doomy, stoner tune while ‘Fortune Teller’ has a Cramps feel. ‘Midnight, Vienna’ is an odd finish to the EP. The vaguely ’80s production that has been bubbling under throughout Halloween Moon comes rushing to the fore in this white man’s cod-reggae tune that evokes Huey Lewis. It’s the cheesy closing credits music to this cheap and cheerful ’80s horror. It can’t be long until we see a sequel.

The Americanised vocals and simplistic lyrics might alienate some listeners and the production is below commercial standards but midnight chimes have produced a fun and engaging EP. For the day that’s in it, Halloween Moon is well worth a listen and adding to your seasonal playlist.

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