Punk ensemble Milo’s Planes originally began as the passion project of Bristol based brothers Joe and Harry Sherrin. Forming in 2013, it wasn’t long until the duo were joined by Charlie Horne to complete their lineup. The band record all of their material personally in Harry’s bedroom and have spent months arranging and perfecting new album, Aural Palate Cleansing Exercises. It was a labour of love that has certainly paid off for them in the end.

Milos Planes album

Bursting into riotous guitars and vocals with “Two Feet in a Crowd”, it immediately exhibits an unrefined, coarse sound that’s characteristic of old punk recordings. The nature of the production means that the words are largely distorted but their disaffected attitude still manages to break through to the surface. “Something Else” maintains the opener’s energy by way of aggressive riffs and fractious lyrics.

“Never Know” is another wild and rebellious offering, charging along furiously before “Sinking” pounds into a fierce verse and unapologetic instrumentation. “Lost Talent” barges maniacally out of its wake, refusing to ease up. “Tracing Paper” decides to pull back on the gas ever so slightly but loses none of the forcefulness vocally. It’s followed by a resonant melody that unfolds alongside urgent instrumentation and riffs that cut deep during “Only Listen”.

A brief interlude bridges the gap to “Thousand Times”, which starts slowly then blasts back off, taking a few quick breathers as it develops. “People’s Houses” is another vigorous effort, while “A Tragedy’s Perfect Surface” bounces into an absorbing rhythm, swift melody and bracing guitars. “Whilst It’s Precise” runs short but sweet in its aftermath, beginning relaxed and ending explosively.

“Other Attributes” weighs heavy on the senses, being rather hectic musically but quite melodic overall. Its successor, “A Letter in Confidence”, gets off to a deceptively mellow start, gradually building back to frantic levels ahead of a soft fade out. The proceedings come to a cheery end then with a fleeting piano interlude.

Milo’s Planes have crafted a loud and lively compilation that captures a classic rock and roll feel very well. Hidden beneath the distorted quality of the recording is a punk album that seems damn near perfect. It makes me wonder how mind-blowing the trio’s work would be if they had the benefit of a studio to refine the production a bit more. Nevertheless, Aural Palate Cleansing Exercises is a noisy and infectious record that is essential listening for hardcore punk fans everywhere. Be sure to check it out when it hits on March 23rd.

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