Musicians Alan Wyllie and Graeme Currie have a long history of collaboration, dating back some thirty years. Down through the decades, they’ve played together in a number of bands, beginning with an ensemble called Thursdays. However, it wasn’t until relatively recently that they emerged in their current incarnation.

Following a hiatus from the music industry, the duo reunited to form self-proclaimed “dark country” act Milton Star. The name for their latest endeavour comes from the converted church in which they write and record their material. The building also has a heavy influence on their work, as they like to draw inspiration from the environment that surrounds them.

On January 12th, Milton Star released their double A-side debut single, featuring the tracks “Sorryville” and “Salvation”. The former effort immediately conveys a disquieting atmosphere through a foreboding riff. From here, it progresses steadily into an ominous melody. An extended instrumental sequence in the middle emphasizes the eerie tone of the piece. It maintains a sense of reservation throughout, with the country influence being readily apparent beneath the song’s brooding nature.

“Salvation” follows suit with another gloomy introduction. The instrumentation takes precedence over the mellow vocals as it unfolds, remaining busy and restless despite a lethargic pace. It’s a very downbeat composition that meanders along uneasily, emanating a pessimistic aura.

The sound and style that Milton Star have opted for is an interesting one. The dominant genre at play is undeniably country, however its execution is remarkably bleak and austere. While it’s unlikely to excite listeners or brighten anyone’s mood, it is at least decidedly unique.

“Sorryville” and “Salvation” are available on iTunes now.

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