Irish rock group Mind Riot hail from Mitchelstown, County Cork and are made up of Tony Gorry on guitar and lead vocalist, Michael Hoye on guitar, Liam O’Rourke on bass and Steven Bartak on drums.

The band, whom are all childhood friends formed back in 1992. They have performed at festivals such as Oxegen and Indipendence and have supported the likes of ‘The Stunning’ and ‘Jack L,’ it’s fair to say they’ve had their fair share of life experiences, rows and successes in their 22 year on/off again formation. Their EP ‘Low’ was released on the 20th of September of this year, produced by Ciaran O’Shea.

The beauty of music is how your tastes and influences change and morph as we navigate life and experience new things, Mind Riot are no different. You can hear the early 90’s influences from which they drew inspiration, the likes of Metallica, Foo fighters and Pearl Jam can be heard from their riffs and tone, behind which their lyrics nicely complement.

My personal favourite track on the EP ‘Brother’ could be easily mistaken for a Foo Fighters song, with Tony Gorry capable of near mimicking the throaty growls of Foo’s front man, Dave Grohl, Tony shows an impressive range in vocal versatility throughout the EP, managing to curve his voice around in whatever style or influence the track was imitating. I listened to that track on repeat, which seldom happens it must be said.

The track ’Low’ is an obvious homage to Pearl Jam, but one that does them justice with Tony’s vocals again able to transmute this time to that of Eddie Vedder’s. In a beautifully hypnotic instrumental way along with the vocals you feel as though it’s a possible b-side that was excluded from a pearl jam album.

It’s unusual to listen to a band that you can’t quite grasp a clear sound, or that certain something that makes them distinctly their own, instead I hear a band playing in the same style and even with the same vocal prowess as their heroes. Which by the way, I think they do incredibly well, but with such incredible vocals, beautifully crafted guitar riffs, stunning gallops on the drums and tactfully placed bass grooves I’d love to see the lads find their own ‘voice’ as it were, and bring something to the table that could be classed as uniquely theirs.

Why should you listen to Mind Riot? If you’re a fan of Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters or other early 90’s rock groups you’ll likely hear the remnants of them within their tracks bringing you back to a time, when music was louder than war. Beautifully compiled with catchy beats, choruses and lulling resonance. They have an energy and a drive about their songs that makes you get the distinct feeling that a live show would be something of a treat for the senses. With a band named after a ‘soundgarden’ track you are left in anticipation of something worthy of the name, and thankfully the lads from Mitchelstown don’t disappoint.