Mitchelstown musicians Mind-Riot mt. have been doing the rounds on the national circuit for quite some time now. Having regaled the masses at famous festivals such as Oxegen and last year’s Indiependence, the feisty foursome really started making waves with the release of their self-titled debut EP in September of 2014. Now, they’re set to do the same for the summer to come.

Childhood friends Tony Gorry, Liam O’Rourke, Steven Bartak and Michael Hoye have just bounced back onto the scene by unleashing two new stirring singles for the world to consume. The first of these, “Angel Town”, begins with a mellow riff ahead of a solemn but incredibly expressive melody. The guitars erupt vigorously as the first verse unfolds. This establishes a bracing air going into a cutting chorus, during which the vitality of the vocals and power of the instrumentation is absolutely exhilarating.

The energy stays extreme for the second stanza. A thrilling instrumental exhibition in the middle is irresistibly arresting, hitting hard with the wonderful weight of its execution. It all culminates in a striking salvo of rousing riffs and penetrating percussion that serves as an electrifying ending.

Companion composition, “Billy Ray”, builds into a sinister sounding riff which continues to excite behind a pressing harmony. This leads to a loud and lively chorus that’s surprisingly sanguine. The instrumentation ups the tempo and increases in ferocity for the second verse, while the vocals keep keen. A biting breakdown about two minutes through is rife with feeling and fervour before the whole thing reaches an epic climax.

Each of the above tracks are amazingly invigorating. The former is all fire and fury, while the latter is forceful but friendly. Mind-Riot mt. certainly know how to craft captivating alternative anthems. The heavy yet accessibly melodic nature of their material here proves that they know how to please both rock enthusiasts and the wider public alike. You can find “Angel Town” and “Billy Ray” on iTunes now.

Mind-Riot mt. - Angeltown/Billy Ray single review
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