Mitchelstown musicians MINDRIOTmt have been making a lot of waves on the music scene since the start of 2016, having unleashed their first ever album in February before bringing their work out on the road to excite audiences on stage at the likes of Fireside Festival and Indiependence during the summer.

Now they’ve returned to round out the year with the release of a brand new single named “Speak”. Recorded in conjunction with Ciaran O’Shea in Cork, the enthralling three and a half minute alt-rock tune was written to raise awareness about men’s health and suicide prevention.

It begins with an upbeat but bracing riff before a riveting refrain arrives to arrest in the opening verse. The vocals grow more vigorous just past the twenty second mark, hitting hard atop intense but affecting music ahead of a soft yet stirring second stanza.

Another incredibly commanding chorus follows from here, displaying plenty of power and passion as an onslaught of energetic singing resounds rousingly atop some extremely effective instrumentation. It all stomps steadfastly in the direction of a delightfully dynamic breakdown in the middle, which eventually evolves into one last volley of vitalising vocals and electrifying riffs.

The result is a wonderfully raucous offering from MINDRIOTmt that’s full of feeling and fervour. Its captivating combination of cutting but canorous crooning and friendly yet forceful music makes for an absolutely enlivening listen. All of the proceeds from the track will be donated to Pieta in support of their efforts to stop suicide and self-harm, so be sure to investigate “Speak” for yourself when it hits iTunes on December 16th.

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