Swiss singer/songwriter Miriam Crespo first hit the live scene in mid-2012 and has since played shows as far afield as New York. Her debut recording, This is not a Demo, This is an EP, arrived a year later, before the Basel born musician returned to the studio to put together its full length follow-up, In The Bones All Along.

The twelve track compilation, which dropped at the end of March, is a fantastic mixture of folk and acoustic pop/rock that gets going with “Something Beautiful to Dream”. From here, a warm and welcoming riff prefaces soft and solemn vocals that forge an affecting ambience. It’s a simple and soothing opening number that bears a wonderfully uplifting attribute.

“Friday Smile” bursts into fast and fervent instrumentation next, establishing an optimistic atmosphere ahead of a pleasant melody. This leads towards a captivating chorus that really is quite enchanting. A gentle riff later on paves the way to a final vivid vocal volley that ends the song as delightfully as it began.

The relaxed instrumental introduction of “Thierry’s Song” follows to sooth before a reserved but heartfelt harmony sets in. Moving forward at a placid pace, it makes for a very serene and easy listen. “Hold on Tight” takes over via piano keys that are both restrained and refined alongside guitars and extremely resonant vocals, all of which generate a lot of emotion. It remains touching and tranquil throughout, resulting in a beautiful folk ballad that makes a heavy impression.

“Panamericana” accelerates the momentum heading into its expressive lyrics while the instrumentation adopts a more upbeat approach. It becomes even more stirring as it progresses, gradually upping the tempo to ensure it stays consistently engrossing. The jovial guitars of “Untitled/Self-Portrait” truck cheerfully out its aftermath in the direction of a merry melody. A light and airy chorus ensues ahead of a well harmonised duet with fellow musician Chris Heath. This allows for an exciting departure that’s rousing from start to finish.

An ominous beat begins “The Algebra Lesson” and endures behind a sombre and sobering harmony that carries a lot of depth and feeling. The instrumentation grows as it goes on, greatly enhancing its already moving nature. “Lullaby for a Sleepless Night” emerges from its wake upon mellow piano keys which penetrate through a haunting harmony. Striking strings add extra gravitas so that the music chills as it takes over the senses and makes an intense impact.

“I Told My Heart” is another affective entry packed full of dignified instrumentation and contemplative vocals. It becomes increasingly reflective as it unfolds, resulting in an introspective composition that pulls a lot of weight. The riveting riff of “Your House Is Clean” takes off purposefully afterwards, soon being met by equally determined vocals in the verse. Its enthralling rhythm and resolute melody combine to create an exciting undertaking.

“This Ain’t the Land” is a light and lackadaisical affair which encourages sitting back and unwinding while listening. That’s before the pensive piano keys of “For Tonight” set a thoughtful tone as they lead towards a meditative melody. It’s a very powerful entry, despite its reticent execution, that serves as a hard-hitting finale.

Miriam Crespo has put together a gorgeous collection of charming and graceful folk songs that are guaranteed to find favour with a wide and diverse audience. Its peaceful instrumentation, eloquently sung vocals and overall amiable attitude result in a truly intoxicating auditory experience. In The Bones All Along can be found on iTunes now.

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