Representing the northern English cities of Leeds, Bradford and Newcastle, alt-rock ensemble Monster Jaw first came together in early 2013. Since then, they’ve spent a considerable amount of their time working the UK’s live scene, which has earned them the attention of BBC Introducing, as well as airplay on various underground radio stations around the globe.

When it comes to composing, the trio take inspiration from both their own lives and the wider world around them. Following on from their debut release, Get A Tattoo, their latest EP, Losing All My Friends, hit in late 2014 on Cobra Kitten Records.

Beginning with the title track, the band’s sophomore record blasts into an upbeat electric riff and fast paced percussion ahead of vocals that are energetic and decisive. The instrumentation becomes delightfully heavy as things progress, featuring a few bracing guitar solos along the way. It’s a rousing and infectious pop/rock anthem that’s utterly absorbing from start to finish.

The drum beat of “Low” pounds in alongside a biting riff next. A steady bass line takes over and runs through the verse, complementing an arresting melody. It’s not long though before vigorous instrumentation erupts back in, flowing smoothly forward and allowing for a listen that’s both exciting and pleasant.

The determined and resolute musical introduction of “Lidocaine” follows on, stomping into sharp vocals. Building up a relentless momentum, it becomes extremely engrossing as it unfolds, giving rise to a sound that has a dangerous edge. “Do It Gay, Do It Straight” builds out of its wake, taking off via a fantastically fiery riff. The instrumentation has a distorting effect on the vocals that melds the whole thing together into an almighty blur of turbo charged rock intensity. The compilation draws to a close then with an extended version of the opening number.

Monster Jaw have adopted a very melodic style of making music that’s full of passion and spirit. Losing All My Friends is a forceful and thrilling compilation that doesn’t exhibit a dull moment, staying completely compelling for its duration. You can check it out on iTunes now.

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