Bath based alt-rock ensemble Montrose have been hanging around the scene for a few years now. Original members Jason Bishop and Sam Chard plucked their current companions Jake Matthews and Ben Curd out of the crowd of fans that flocked to shows during the band’s formative days. Since then, they’ve released two EPs, the latest of which dropped just over a month ago. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Peters at Bristol’s Anemic Studios, the six track undertaking is titled Monster under the Bed.

It’s from this that the foursome have taken their brand new single, “Good Old Days”. Blasting into an awesomely energetic riff, it immediately excites and gets the adrenaline pumping. A vigorous verse soon takes over, during which a vivacious vocal volley cries out across a delightfully heavy collection of guitars and drums. This leads the way to an enthusiastic chorus that pounds through the senses, thrilling as it does so. Another exhibition of exhilarating instrumentation follows to bridge the gap to the bracing second stanza.

Things continue to charge forward at a pressing pace, relenting briefly before a final display of hard-hitting harmonies and rousing riffs. There’s a strong disaffected demeanour to the whole thing that’s extremely enthralling. At the same, it also occasionally adopts an affecting edge, meaning that it ends up being more than a short and shallow showcase of invigorating instrumentation. Rather, it’s a passionately played piece that feels like it actually matters.

The freshly forged accompanying music video intercuts scenes of performances with instances of the troupe hanging out and having fun. It’s all made to appear as if it was lifted from an old VHS recording, giving it a nice retro visage.

Montrose: Good Old Days single review
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