The bold new single ‘Bones’, from dirty indie blues duo, Moriaty is their latest slice of rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s bluesy hard rock format is similar to the likes of Royal Blood, Queens of the Stone Age and The Black Keys.

The edgy single opens with a pulsating bassline and snappy guitar chops that instantly seizes the listener’s attention. The heavy drums with crashing cymbals help fuel the songs relentless energy. The power of this track also lies within the lead singer and natural frontman, Jordan West whose anguished vocals and lyrics are loosely based on the novel ‘Candide’ by Voltaire, viewed from 21st Century eyes.  The single’s official music video captures the band’s galvanic playing while two boxers fight head to head in the ring. The nasty combat highlights the amount of vigour that comes from this song and extends the songs appeal which already has skyrocketing views, gaining an impressive 10,000 views over the weekend.

The UK duo hailing from Devon have been lucky enough to work alongside fellow Devonian and bassist of stadium selling Muse, Chris Wolstenholme who features on bass in “Bones”. Moriaty are unconfined by the two piece phenomenon are known to collaborate with other musicians including rappers, singers, bass players and string sections.

The duos philosophy seems to be all about enjoying the music and having fun doing so.Jordan West According to guitarist/lead singer,  Jordan West..

“Music is about escape, people sing songs because they want, for a few minutes to be in a different world” – Jordan

Their previous single ‘Esperanza’ which was featured on Huw Stephens’ Radio One show, is a blistering rock ‘n’ roll track with dirty blues riffs. Another stimulating track is “Dahmer blues” with its gritty rock tones that cross over into the White Stripes territory whilst managing to retain that sodden blues quality that sounds utterly authentic and completely natural.

‘Bones’ is set to premier the unveiling of the bands extraordinary new material, which will be showcased next month when they hit the road on a UK tour run. Promising to bring a wide variety of new music, I think Moriaty are definitely a band to watch out for in 2015.