…An unpredictable psychological thriller; sure to be intense, sure to be enthralling, with a great director and a strong cast, has sparked a wave of anticipation with its recently released trailer.

A couple secluded from the outside world and living in a perfectly lavish house, bask in their own bliss. However, once uninvited guests arrive, their tranquillity turns very abruptly into an ill-defined nightmare. Jennifer Lawrence plays the lead and it is through her eyes we experience the eerie volatility of the husband (Javier Bardem).

Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeifer are the first guests to show up and they exude danger and sexual tension. The general atmosphere, judging solely on the trailer, is one finely poised on a knife’s edge. Lawrence’s fear encapsulates the portal through which audiences will endure a gripping, tense movie.

What is really the best indication as to what sort of movie this will be is the already proven ability of director Darren Aronofsky. Those familiar with Black Swan understand the way in which the man likes to toy with audience’s minds, and disturb in the most psychological of ways. The depiction of sincere mental suffering and extreme stress as in Black Swan suggests the tone Aronofsky likes to offer, and by the looks of the trailer, Mother! will follow with a similar cadence.

One of the most exciting features of this upcoming film will be the chemistry between Lawrence and Bardem. Both actors are pros in their own rights. Lawrence has a tremendous ability to be both timid and vicious while Bardem does untrustworthy and potentially lethal very well.

Domhnall Gleeson and Kristen Wiig are also set to appear, and Gleeson is actually seen in the trailer, albeit very brief. After a long summer with very few movies to get excited about, Mother! could very well be a sweet jolt back into film season.

Mother! will be released September 15 



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