Specialising in an alluring lo-fi punk rock sound, Mouses originally emerged in 2014 when guitarist Steven Bardgett teamed up with drummer Nathan Duff to make music that could act as an antithesis to contemporary pop while still being upbeat and absorbing. Since then, the dexterous duo have conquered the crowds at a number of well-known events across the UK, including The Alternative Escape, Stockton Calling and 2016’s Reading and Leeds Festival. Now they’re getting ready to take their career to the next level with the release of their dynamic debut album on September 23rd.

Featuring ten thrilling tunes to entrance audiences, it gets going with the delightfully distorted guitars of “Girl”. The riffs remain resonant and rousing underneath a wonderfully raucous refrain, giving rise to a loud and lively opener ahead of the bracing beat that begins “Bloodlust”. This ecstatic addition arrests with its riveting instrumentation and vigorous vocals as it struts enticingly towards the equally engrossing introduction of “Algebra”. A fantastic fusion of fiery riffs and forceful singing takes off from here, oozing oodles of energy and enthusiasm as it unfolds.

“Hollywood” is a short but spirited affair next that doesn’t easy up on the accelerator for a single second of its exhilarating one and a half minute run-time. “Icarus” tones things down when it’s done, taking its time as it paces pensively forward. “Psycho” speeds up slightly afterwards, showcasing an assortment of steadfast riffs and mellow melodies that leave a lasting impression.

“Green” hits the gas again then, enthralling through its thunderous instrumentation and whimsical warbling. “Poison” is another quick and quirky composition made up of maniacal melodies and mesmerising music before “Benzine” exhibits a more laid-back but no less enlivening inflection. This is followed by the fervent yet friendly riffs of “Pope”, which join forces with an extremely expressive harmony to put a passionate cap on the proceedings.

Mouses have crafted a compilation that succeeds in keeping canorous and compelling while simultaneously sounding seditious and singular. The melodic delivery and altogether unruly attitude of each song results in a fairly accessible record that should appeal to fans of rock and pop alike.


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