It’s a Movement Monthly Hip Hop Club Night at The Academy, Thursday June 29th.

Tickets €10 including booking on sale now from Ticketmaster. Doors 7.00pm |Under 16’s to be accompanied by an adult.

Future shows: Thursday July 27th |Thursday August 31st | Thursday September 28th.

(MCD) “It’s a movement” monthly hip hop club night kicking off its debut show on Thursday June 29th featuring Blackfish collective, Backshed Inc, Flowstate Movement, Craic appeal, Mo Fame!

Blackfish Collective formed in Dublin, with the purpose of encouraging freedom and individuality. Expression through creativity, Blackfish Collective is a multi-cultural, multi-faceted creative group from Dublin, Ireland. It is believed that creativity stems from a place of comfort, unhindered by society’s eyes. This group serves to make available such a space – a central hub. We celebrate those that do not ‘fit in’, along with those who do. We celebrate our being in this world.

Blackfish Collective is a space for a society of friends that come together and allows them to create from a place of comfort.

Backshed Inc

BackShed inc is a Dublin based collective of 4 Hip Hop artists; Damola, Sam Ojo, Ange MC and Ama. The collective was put together in late 2014 and since then each member has released a series of solo Music Videos thus gaining recognition for themselves as solo artists while still representing BackShed inc, bringing a new wave to Irish hip hop

Flowstate Movement

Flowstate Movement is a collective of Irish talent which includes rappers, producers and designers. The group was recently formed with the vision of being an ambassador for Irish hip hop, contributing strongly to the wealth of talent which is currently emerging from the scene. Founding members who were originally behind this concept include Kreo Ghost, Red The Future, Lawriii Craic, Skripteh & Uppbeat.. afterwards enlisting other key members such as Tripps, Jst-G, Medulla Productions, Cweaponbeats, LorcansLife Design, BdcGfx Design & T1 Photography.. The Flowstate Movement have already made a lasting impression on the Irish hip hop culture, with the consistent work rate and ongoing help from the Flowstate marketing & creative team which appear to never sleep. It is this dedication and talent which has caused them to keep breaking boundaries since their founding, and it appears that they won’t be stopping anytime soon.”

Craic Appeal

Craic Appeal is an Irish hip hop collective, formed in Ireland in 2013.The group consists of adept rappers Zisto, Shak, SMann and S.G Guillotine. In unison, these members bring together their various cultural backgrounds and experiences of their home countries such as Ireland, South Africa, England and Swaziland to the fore front of Craic Appeal. The uniqueness of each artist’s accent and diverse musical elements is what merges together to create Craic Appeal’s distinctive sound and rhythmic compositions. This high-powered unit is more than just a rap group, but rather a lifestyle, a brand, a product. A period of momentous progress resulted in Craic Appeal’s release of phenomenal tracks like ‘Rifles’, ‘Manners’, ‘Rap Lines’ and ‘Fallback.’ Their mixtape is set to release in December of this year 2016, and later their EP during the summer in 2017. Craic Appeal and its talented artists wish to reinvent hip hop music in the Irish scene and are determined to present a new outfit to the masses. As Craic Appeal endures with a creative approach to hip hop music, the anticipation of future releases continues to rise and the upcoming achievements will solidify them as notable artists.

Mo Fame will be playing on the night

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