“Slow Dancing” is the latest single from Ms.Henrik and the video is plenty heavy on feel-good, electro pop beats.

Androgynous Ms Henrik, appeared out of nowhere in 2013 with the catchy synth pop singles “Doing It For The Man” and “Mark”. The Swedish singer was soon featured in articles in some of the biggest magazines in Sweden, one of them being entitled “Ms Henrik wants to take over the world” Ms Henrik is a flamboyant, edgy performer with a fierce embrace of pop music styles of the past.

The video which was filmed over five months ago and is a recipe of neon colors, flashy outfits, and uplifting beats. The video production is the best we’ve seen from Ms.Henrik, with scenic footage of nighttime Milan. The camera tracks Ms.Henrik walking the back streets of Milan. The close up shot keeps Ms.Henrik full in the frame, showing us the young, rebellious and carefree Ms Henrik enjoying the party scene while drinking shots and being a raging party animal. Ms.Henrik doesn’t take himself too seriously and has the whole young David Bowie look going on, with his bright red lipstick and badass cigarette hanging from his mouth. Slow Dancing certainly has the electro/dance/ fusion thing going but manages to stay away from the obnoxious realm of electro/dance gone wrong. It’s pretty goddamn catchy, I gotta say.

Slow Dancing is both energetic and catchy and perhaps one of the more serious pop songs he has released so far. Slow Dancing is quite toned-down in comparison to some of his more energetic yet rather trivial dance-pop songs. In Henrik’s case less is more as it produces a more substantial song. Slow Dancing provides a path to get Ms.Henrik noticed by the mainstream. It’s a seriously catchy song and may just get you up off the couch. If you like Ms.Henrik you may also like H.M. Hammarin and Con Bro Chill. My guess is there is much more interesting music yet to come from Ms.Henrik. We dig it. We think you will, too.

The new sparkling and bittersweet video to the “Slow Dancing” is available and the single can be found on Spotify and SoundCloud. A new edition of the lipstick from the collection ”Ms Henrik On Everyone’s Lips” is available and new dates to major Swedish tour just announced. International dates will follow shortly.