Mulu Lizi is a four-piece rock band form Rochester NY USA. The band consists of Art Zimmer (Lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Chris Zimmer (Backup vocals/bass), Steve Mackin (Lead guitar), and Kyle Craw (Drums). Mulu Lizi originally started of as a cover band in 2012 with a different drummer. They are described as Rock n Roll with their sound changing a lot but all under the realm of rock. Their EP officially hits streets April 1st.

For their debut EP we are treated to tracks ranging from poppy, but with some, a more punk influence, and others are straight up 90’s garage. The first track of their EP is just that straight up garage with Kyle providing rock-steady drumming and Steve killing it on lead guitar. ‘BOOM’ is the second track of the EP with a more of a rocker vibe, with Art really rocking out on lead vocals.

‘Baby Doll’ being a little softer for the third track with a more pop rock sound and moving into more repetitive catchy lyrics. The Fourth track ‘Walk The Line’ is another soft rock song with carrying vocals from Art. But last and definitely not least, is ‘Another Round’ the stand out track from this solid first attempt from Mulu Lizi.

‘Another Round’ is a more obvious pop sound with catchy lyrics with a rocky vocal reminiscent of Neon Trees that definitely has the potential to be a crossover hit.

Over all there is a good mixture for material here with some song more pop and some being more rock but something for everyone. A strong debut EP which I wouldn’t hesitate giving 3 and half star to.

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